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Clash Royale Account Free 2020 With Gems, Accounts & Password – The December big update came to Clash Royale, one of the most popular mobile games. A major update was released in December for Clash Royale, featuring characters from the world of Clash of Clans, which destroyed the mobile gaming market. For those of you who don’t know, it is worth reminding you that Clash Royale is a production that combines tower defense and arcade logic. The game gained a lot of popularity that led to the release of similar games. Close the topic to mention this in a separate article and go into the details of the important Clash Royale update in December.

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One of the most important headlines in the update is the star level system. Thanks to the recently added star levels, it is now possible to add a new look to cards that reach the highest level. After our king level reaches 13, we earn Star points with every card upgrade and card donation. We use these star ratings to make cosmetic adjustments to the cards we enlarge.

Free Clash Royale Account 2020 include Gems, accounts and password

Username: GallingBeeper
Pass: hehaxa21

Username: GallingWarbler
Pass: hareyi84

Username: TensingDauber
Pass: tunoke83

Username: PleasingShredder
Pass: ravidi78

Username: DarklingSaver
Pass: yubozu19

Username: FlowingBlunger
Pass: doliga80

Username: DarklingPlater
Pass: citahe86

Username: RaspingCrabber
Pass: gilemi64

Username: KnowingMailer
Pass: vomawa30

Username: SpringingSlider
Pass: duwogi18

Username: HeapingTwaddler
Pass: gipiva76

Username: SidelingStrapper
Pass: bolefi65

Username: ChildingBlocker
Pass: cinoje21

Username: BravingClouter
Pass: puwico26

Username: JuttingEwer
Pass: zixite18
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Other additional information about Clash Royale

What is the December Clash Royale update?

New star levels and beauty options will be added in the future

At the first star level, special effects are added to cards when frames and units appear. The second star level, cosmetic arrangements can be made for cards. At the level of the third star, the cards override the cosmetic regulations and are given a new look. New star levels and new cosmetic options will be added to the game later.

Another important feature of the December update is the theft mode, which will be active for a certain period. This mode, which allows players to play in 1v1 format, is actually a reference to Supercell’s new Brawl Stars game. In Heist, players have a safety safe and simultaneously attack the safe on the other side, the first to destroy the opponent’s safe win the match.

Clash Royale had a lot of innovations with the big update for December

The tournament system is changing

With this month’s update, the tournament system is also changing. The new look is designed to be bigger, better and more competitive than ever before, and also features a new award system. When we win the match, we’re going to win the prize and win the free prizes here, and when the tournament ends, we can unlock 500 prizes from stone. Championship winners receive special rewards.

I will make some notes about the update. Tournaments are now held all over the world, which means that all players from all over the world participate in the same tournament. The rewards of tribal wars are getting better and we can win free stones with more exchange symbols. In particular, the exchange code segment is important because both parties must have the exchange code in order to be able to exchange now. In-game expressions can now be purchased at the store. Finally, we can now change our username to Stone.

Clash Royale information and tactics

I don’t give much credit for the multiplayer games that a lot of people usually play, it is generally low quality and quickly turns into games where idle men sit all day and enjoy making trouble for other people. Good games like Clash of Clans, Travian or Ogame, where it comes to stealing resources from each other, are good examples of this. He was not interested in the game Clash Royale, as it was released by Supercell, which had made Clash of Clans, although he had heard about it for a long time.

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